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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

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  • Audio-episode: 05/03/2016 28:03
    Isabel Hardman of the Spectator hears how the Labour Party tracked a Tory donor's plane. When will retirement ever come? A row over the referendum. And the risk to ...
  • Audio-episode: 27/02/2016 28:01
    Tom Newton Dunn of The Sun looks behind the scenes at Westminster.The EU referendum campaign has begun and the political classes are electrified. The task of keeping ...
  • Audio-episode: EU Special 27:36
    Steve Richards and guests debate the implications of David Cameron's EU negotiation.Producer: Peter ...
  • Audio-episode: 13/02/2016 28:01
    Helen Lewis of The New Statesman looks behind the scenes at Westminster.Britain's approach to Syrian refugees, how Michael Gove is changing prison policy, the US ...