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Chris and Grimes dig deep into the world of pilot episodes. We don't talk about episode 2. We hate second episodes.

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  • Audio-episode: Eastbound & Down 47:29
    Episode 23 of Pilot Study hits on "Eastbound & Down," in honor of baseball signaling the (hopeful) approach of warm weather. We talk who Kenny Powers was possibly ...
  • Audio-episode: The Larry Sanders Show 39:49
    Episode 22 of Pilot Study looks to honor Garry Shandling with a look at his landmark achievement, "The Larry Sanders Show." We talk guest hosting in today's late night ...
  • Audio-episode: The Path 51:38
    Episode 21 of Pilot Study is all about the newest addition to Hulu, The Path. Chris and Grimes discuss the stacked cast, why the journey needed to start elsewhere and ...
  • Audio-episode: Batman: The Animated Series 36:18
    Theme Month: SuperheroesIs Bruce Wayne a pimp? Chris and Grimes discuss one of the greatest animated/superhero shows of all time, Batman: The Animated Series. The ...