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Programme exploring new ideas in science and meeting the scientists and researchers responsible for them, as well as hearing from their critics

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  • Audio-episode: Virtual Therapy 28:00
    "e-Therapy" has come a long way since the (slightly tongue in cheek) days of ELIZA, a very early attempt at computer based psychotherapy. ELIZA was little more than an ...
  • Audio-episode: Can Maths Combat Terrorism? 28:02
    Dr Hannah Fry investigates the hidden patterns behind terrorism and asks whether mathematics could be used to predict the next 9/11.When computer scientists ...
  • Audio-episode: Animal Personality 27:58
    Professor Adam Hart explores the newest area in the science of animal behaviour - the study of personality variation within species as diverse as chimpanzees, wandering ...
  • Audio-episode: New Space to Fly 27:42
    As our skies become more crowded Jack Stewart examines the long awaited modernisation of air traffic control. With traffic predicted to reach 17 million by 2030 more ...