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Eden Life Radio is an extension of Eden Life Ministries, a faith and health based ministry geared to equip the people of God to remove obstacles to healing and to maximize their life potential. Here we'll talk about how to live vibrantly, faithfully and fully set apart for God's glory.

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  • Audio-episode: Be Made Whole 12:10
    We serve a God who consistently exceeds our expectations.  How incredible to ponder and realize He not only wants us healed but also wants us ...
  • Audio-episode: Redefining Yourself 20:25
    I, for one, have had enough of you thinking you're so much less than who God made you to be.  I'm thinking He's well past ready to see you break free from the lies and ...
  • Audio-episode: Watch Your Mouth 17:10
    You want the secret to making waves of changes in your life and really rerouting your health in a better, brighter direction? Well, good, 'cause I'm about to give it ...
  • Audio-episode: You Really Need to Lighten Up 23:50
    Break free from the "norm" to find a pace and place of rest.  Know that taking them time to rest isn't not only good for you physically and mentally, but that's it's ...