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Earth, founded by Stuart Russell in 2016AD. A platform encouraging positive planetary change and youth empowerment. In each show a global network of young people share opinions, stories, social projects & ideas that will make Earth a better planet.

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  • Audio-episode: Earth E08 - ALLY + FuzeAct 14:08
    Earth introduces Christopher Senesi from Colorado, USA. Chris runs ALLY Youth Services, working with at-risk-youth in Boulder, Colorado. He also co-founded a ...
  • Audio-episode: Earth E07 - The Swedish Number 7:29
    Earth introduces Jenny Engstrom from Sweden. Jenny works in tourism and discusses opening up Sweden to the world through the countries very own phone ...
  • Audio-episode: Earth E06 - World Youth Government 9:10
    Earth introduces David Shitsimi from Kenya, Africa. David is President of the World Youth Government, an organization allowing young people to participate in global ...
  • Audio-episode: Earth E05 - Spiela 8:27
    Earth introduces Ivan Kay from London, UK. Ivan is a social entrepreneur and runs an online collaborative network called Spiela. Spiela is a place where young people ...